Besides pioneering the organization's shipping and logistics activities, the CEO Mr. Manish Bhattacharjee has also been actively involved in rendering consultancy and advisory services to various organizations in the Shipping industry and fraternity at large. Owing to his vast experience and huge exposure to global shipping, Mr. Bhattacharjee is highly regarded throughout the shipping markets in general and has been at the forefront of independent market analysis in wide ranging areas of the shipping sectors - including Containers, Dry Bulk & Break-Bulk, Tankers and General cargoes encompassing the two major and broad areas of Shipping Economics and Port Development.

Shipping, Freight and Logistics historically have been fragmented & shifting industry that is highly dependent upon the materials demand and driven by GDP growth. The Consultancy arm of the organization works with companies across the Shipping and Logistics value chain to navigate today's challenges and to anticipate and develop pragmatic and winning strategies for tomorrow's opportunities. Using this expertise, the CEO now desires to develop this special activity as a core competence business for the company and clearly counts on his clients comprising of global leaders in Shipping, Freight, Logistics, Banking and Financial institutions.

Some of the areas of special expertise in consultancy include:
  • Container Shipping - Main Line Vessel Operators, Feeder Vessel Operators and NVOCCs.
  • Container Shipping Equipment - General Purpose, Special Equipment, Reefers.
  • Container Transshipment Analysis.
  • Conventional Shipping - Dry Bulk, Break-Bulk Markets.
  • Tanker Operations - Petroleum and Product Tankers.
  • Port Development - Major Transshipment Hub Ports, Intermodal Ports & Terminals
  • Port Handling - Conventional Cargo Handling Operations and Material Handling Equipment.
  • Transport Systems Comparisons.

The aim is to develop a team of seasoned trade professionals who can apply a multi-disciplinary and tailored approach to deliver well researched, expertly considered intelligence and advice for any organization involved in shipping and maritime business activities - logistics service providers, port authorities, corporate financiers, insurance companies and more.

The clear objective is to use the continuing research combined with specialist knowledge to constantly analyze and decipher markets and to combine and focus our in-house talent and resources for each project and each client towards building trusted relationships where our advice is at the centre of commercial decision making.